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Guineapig is an Italian Goregrind unit formed in 2013, fascinated by splatter movies, medical experiments and rare diseases, fueled by ultra-massive riffs and guttural vocals.

Conceived by an idea of guitarist/vocalist Fra, soon after composing 2 demo tracks he involved drummer Cristiano and bassist/vocalist Alessio. Right after the release of their debut album, Gina joins the band as drummer.

Their 2014 debut album ‘Bacteria’ was a clear statement, a Goregrind ensemble built to destroy, an operation that led the three-piece to be recognized as one of the most interesting and original names in the over-saturated extreme music world. With this release alone, along with a split with Rompeprop in 2017 – both via Rotten Roll Rex – the band has treaded the stages of some of the most important European festivals around, including Brutal Assault, Party.San and Obscene Extreme, and also shared the Gorecrusher European Tour with fellows Gutalax and Spasm on multiple occasions.

Eight long years after ‘Bacteria’, Guineapig finally make their comeback in June 2022 via Spikerot Records with the crisp and blistering sophomore work ‘Parasite’, praised all around the globe by fans and critics alike. An album that redefines the very concept of Goregrind with a cutting-edge and forward-thinking vision, without ever losing sight of the roots, with a songwriting fluctuating between abysmal tunings, Death Metal mid-tempos and ripping breakdowns.

Expect nothing but The Heaviest Goregrind.

Guineapig is:
FRA | Guitar and Vocals
ALESSIO | Bass and Vocals
GINA | Drums

Parasite Parasite



1. Ocular Tormentor 03:17
2. Mermaid In A Manhole 02:04
3. City Of The Monkey God 02:46
4. Taxidermia 02:42
5. Urethra Candiru Terror 02:24
6. Parasitic Protozoa 02:03
7. Supreme Body Bizarre 02:25
8. Saprophyte 02:09
9. Liquefied 02:13
10. Pandemic 02:10
11. Zatypota 02:48
12. Deformed Doppelgänger 02:59
13. Ocular Tormentor (Confrontational Remix) 04:08

Listen Here

Released June 10, 2022

Music and lyrics by Guineapig
Ocular Tormentor’s Intro by Confrontational Recorded,

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono
at Kick Recording Studio in September/October 2021
Produced by Marco Mastrobuono and Fra.

Artwork by Fabio Timpanaro
Layout by Fra

Front cover model: Stelladiplastica - Photo by Riccardo La Valle
Band photo by Benedetta Gaiani
Band photo manipulation by Fabio Timpanaro.

Rompepig Rompepig



1. Caterpillar 02:08
2. Spine-Covered Larva 02:11

Listen Here

Released April 20, 2017

(Tracks: A1, A2) Music and lyrics by Rompeprop
(Tracks: A3, A4) Music and lyrics by Guineapig

Rompeprop recorded at GM Records
Mixed and mastered at No Budget Studios (Tracks: A1, A2)
Guineapig recorded at Alien Recording Studio, Italy in June 2016.
Mixed and mastered by Fra (Tracks: A3, A4)

Artwork by Daniele Aimasso

Photography by António Gaspar, Miguel Ángel Galindo

Bacteria Bacteria



1. Coccobacilli Shotgun 02:37
2. Pathogen Stimulator 02:39
3. Plasmodium 01:47
4. Maruta 02:38
5. Epidemic 03:05
6. Project Sunshine 02:01
7. Defoliation Bacilli Bomb 02:23
8. Spastic Genoma Spread 02:35
9. Cyclopia 02:26
10. Terminator Mosquito 02:31
11. Variola Major 02:54
12. Rice Blast Fungus 02:09
13. Fatal Paralytic Illness 02:26

Listen Here

Released October 1, 2014

Music and Lyrics by Guineapig
Recorded At Alien Recording Studio in June 2014
Mixed and mastered by Fra

Artwork by Headsplit Design

Band photo by Headbanging Production

Demo2013 Demo



1. Defoliation Bacilli Bomb 02:28
2. Variola Major 02:56

Released July 31, 2013

Music and Lyrics by Guineapig
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fra

Logo by Francesco "Basthard" Moretti
Layout by Fra and Alessio
Produced by Guineapig